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Aircon Servicing for Singapore at Reasonable pricing

Singapore is a hot country and many household have aircon to lower down the heat in their houses. As the aircon will be frequently switched on, it might face issues in the long run. Hence, there is a need for Aircon Servicing providers like Best Cool Breeze Aircon Services.

Contact Details:

Call or Whatsapp to these number 83329057 / 81284368  to set your house aircon servicing.

Best Cool Breeze Aircon Services is a family business which has been pass down to the 2nd generation. The company focus on providing install and repair of air con in Singapore. Apart from that they offer extremely low pricing to help families maintain the conditioning system. Not only that, their services are professional even charging their client at such low cost.

Below is the price list for a general reference:

  1. Normal Servicing – $30 per unit (minimum 2 units)
  2. Chemical Servicing – $50 per unit
  3. New Technology Steam cleaning – $60 per unit
  4. Semi Overhaul with point 2 & 3 service – $100 per unit
  5. Full Overhaul Services – $130 per unit

Additionally, the company provide add-on services to ensure home owner for longevity of their cooling system. Please find the list below and contact them if you require more information:

  1. Servicing of outdoor compressor – $80 per unit
  2.  R22 Gas top up – $65 per unit
  3. R410a gas top up – $135 per unit
  4. Troubleshooting of the problem in the aircon system at $50 but will be waived if services is taken up.

Regardless of the property type, Best Cool Breeze Aircon Services will be there within a call confirmation. Therefore, set an appointment with the company for  a 1 time inspection on your house cooling system. The company will send down their professional to inspect thoroughly and provide a solution.

Furthermore, at the low rates that the company is charging, there is every reason for aircon maintenance today. However, time is a big challenge for the company as they are providing back to back servicing. Thus, you should set your appointment with them as soonest. Try not to cancel an appointment with them unless necessary as the company provide such low cost services.

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