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Gas Vs Induction Stove


Which stove should a house owner consider?

Choosing between options is always a headache for new or even existing house owners. This is because there are often 2 sectors of people nosing into the decision making. Hence, creating a dilemma for the ones who will be going to stay in the houses.

That being said, many home owners still have a bad experience when making a choice between gas or electric stoves. Let’s take a look at the difference and compare which might be a best suited stove for you.

Both of the stoves serve one purpose which is to cook your food in the most convenient way. Hence both should suit anyone who is looking to buy new or replace. The electric stove looks trendy for modern home designs as it is simpler. However, getting a gas stove instantly makes the kitchen look professional. For outlook, it would depend on which house theme you are going for.

What about functionality? As gas stove is working with fire, most dishes can be easily made with it. Additionally, gas stock work with universal cookware so you do not have to worry about compatibility. As for induction stove, only selected cookwares work with it as it uses electricity to build up the heat. However, as technology advances, there are currently induction stovetops that uses heat to cook dishes. These induction stove can easily make good dishes depending on the cooking skill of the user. Apart from that the induction stove is consider to be semi smart with controls that can manage time an temperature. Thus, make cooking easy for novice home owners who seldom get their hands in the kitchen.

Prices of the gas stove is definitely cheap compare to getting an induction stove top. The average price of a gas stove is about 400 Singapore Dollars to 800 for branded ones. However an induction top can easily cost 3 times as much to get. Furthermore, the consumption of electricity comparing to gas will be higher when paying bills. Which if you are looking to save cost for home the gas stove is definitely the winner choice.

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Cleaning for the induction cook top is simpler comparing to cleaning of the gas stove. As the induction top is a flat piece of glass while gas hop requires intensive scrubbing of the metal finishes.

Safety should be considered when an owner has kids in their house. Hence for the induction tops, it often comes with safety switches. Thus, it will auto power off once you remove the pan from the panel. However, gas stoves are not as ideal with kids as there might be situations where the fire is not off.

So which should you choose?

If you looking for a modern house design with kids to live with and a good budget, induction top is the one for you. Whereas if you are looking to be more professional in the kitchen and saving more bucks for elsewhere.  We will definitely suggest the gas hop to you. Ultimately, the choice is your while we just wish to help clear up the doubts in your mind.

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