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Renovator VS Interior Designer


Renovator VS Interior Designer.

Have you ever considered to engage a “Renovator VS Interior Designer”? Well, you are not alone. This is because it is a hard choice to choose between a renovation contractor and an ID company. Both having a common interest which is to build your perfect home.

A renovation contractor is the direct source for doing renovation work for your house. While the interior designer is a person who will ensure that you get your dream home. Both seem to be offering the same service but when you dig deeper, you will see a lot of differences from what you think.

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Usually, an ID company provides a sketch design of your house for your requirements. Thus, they will conceptualize a 3D drawing for you to visual the outcome of your home. Similarly, when engaging a renovator, they will offer you designs that they have done for their previous projects. Allowing you to visualize through bits and pieces of their work.

So what is the biggest differentiation for both of them?

The PRICE. A renovator is a direct source while a interior designer is a middle man coordinating the work for your house. Engaging a renovation contractor might cost you 40% lesser compared to an ID firm.

So why do people still use an ID company?

Simple, an ID company is a 1 stop solution for all your house matters during the renovation. Also, you will just need to speak to the interior designer who will be fully responsible for the job. This provides convenience for people who are having a bigger budget for their homes. Meanwhile, a contractor differs how a ID company works. In order to build a house properly, you might need engage more than 1 contractor as they might provide different expertise.

Other than the points above are the anything else to take note? 

Some interior firms offer installment plans, which might sound better for some home owners who are looking for convenience. While on the contractor side, most of them would require upfront payment and cash settlement upon completion. Apart from this, you will have to coordinate with the contractors individually. Therefore, this is not a task for the faint heart as communication is very important during a renovation work. Any miscommunication might cause the whole outcome to be totally different from what you want.

Also items like lighting, ceiling fan and furniture should be sourced by your own means. Meaning you will have to figure out where to purchase your furniture for installation during the house renovation.

You also need to research on how to plan your home space properly. The renovator will only heed and follow your instructions while an ID firm will plan the space thoroughly as they are experienced.

So after all these, which should I go to?

To be honest, if you have a smaller budget to work with just go ahead with a contractor. Some experienced renovators will provide you with a complete solution. But if you have planned for a bigger house project with no budget constrains, go ahead with an interior firm.

Ultimately, if you are someone who likes to challenge yourself, you may consider to draw the layout and do it together with a contractor. (Highly non-advisable, LOL)

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