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TV Mounting & Repair Services

Risingstar Service Centre is where home owners can find services for TV mounting and repairs. With 30 years of experience in the repair industry, they are the trusted source to engage for Television repair. Furthermore, the company is fast to respond and charges at an affordable rate to get work done.

CallĀ 65651921 / 92998478 to get TV Repair or TV Mounting Services.

As branded TVs are getting more expensive, many home owner will find it wasteful to dump it once it has issues. However, it is also worrying when engaging a repair service as the cost might be high. Hence, most choose to proceed and purchase a new one if the budget allows. Which is why Risingstar Service Centre saw the need to close the gap in this area. By buying back repairable TVs and repair them to sell it off to lower income families.

For some owners who feels that their TVs can still last, the company will provide a repair service. A specialist from the company will evaluate the condition of the TV and provide advises. Hence, home owners can make the final decision upon clarifying with the specialist. Furthermore, a 60 days warranty will be offered from the date of repair. Thus, it will be worry-free after engaging and making payment to the company. The company also provides HI-FI system repair, feel free to contact for more information.

As for TV mounting, it is important that the installer has experience with the process. Therefore, the company has more experiences in handling TV mounts than as a TV repair company. Which is why RisingStar Repair Service Centre also provides TV mount installation services. It is important to entrust an expensive Television to a proper mount and professional installation service. Whereby, this company has 30 years of experiences handling TV, so a mounting service should be a piece of cake.

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