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Television vs Home Projector


Television vs Home Projector.

Are you considering to install a home projector over a TV? Can’t seem to make a decision to convince yourself? Let us help you decide and discuss on the pros and con over Television vs Home Projector.

Entertainment is an unavoidable essential requirement in the house as we need to relax ourselves after a stressful work day. Usually, 70% of our home entertainment comes from the television. Therefore, the argument here between the TV and the home projector means business. As over the years, home projector tech is catching up on the race with better resolution and pricing. Meanwhile, the television sector grew drastically in size and ultra high resolution.

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Apart from that, considerations on sound quality, installation and convenience plays a big part when factoring the purchase. Thus, we would like to breakdown the competition here between the home projector and television.

Size Comparison

TVs was always considered inferior when comparing the size against a home projector. However, due to the competitiveness of TV technology, screen sizes have grew as fast as ever. Therefore, over the years we were able to see 80-inch Television and the size will only grow bigger in the future. This is however still smaller than a home projector. Home projector screens usually start measuring from 80 inches and can go up to 180 inches.

Brightness Comparison

The brightness of a home projector is determined by the device and how dark your room is for projection. Thus, the cost factor varies because brighter projectors can easily cost more than $3000 in Singapore. Whereas a $3000 LED television can easily produce more brightness even in a bright room. The comparison here seems to be 1 sided as the projector is more suitable for only darker rooms. Therefore, the television easily wins by being able to serve it’s purpose in both a bright and dark room.

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Resolution Comparison

In terms of resolution, both the TV and home projector is able to perform 4K specs. Although a handful of 8K QUHD televisions are already in the market but the choices are limited. However on the downside for home projectors, even with the ability to screen 4K resolution. You will need a external player with such capabilities. And also the pricing for a 4K home projector can easily cost 15% higher compared to a TV. Thus, we conclude that the TV is a better choice for this segment.

Color Accuracy Comparison

If cost is not an issue, a home projector can project great colors with a hefty price tag. However, a television requires more efforts to create better color outcome. Although that is the case the TV still cost much cheaper compared to a home projector.

Installation Comparison

A television is more hassle free for installation compared to the home projector. The reason is because a home projector required a great calculation of space for the perfect execution. As compared to the television more work required with far more complication. Thus, allowing the TV to win flawlessly in this factor.

Sound Quality Comparison

Both Television vs Home Projector have an inbuilt speaker in them. However if you were to compare the quality, the TV wins hands down as the speaker inside the home projector is too small. To be honest a home theater should equip an external sound system to enhance the experience. Therefore, we would consider this comparison unfair for the home projector unless you are working on a budget.


This comparison seems one sided for the TV when considering the price tag. Hence, it makes the budget for a television theater setup to be more budget friendly. Whereas the home projector is more complicated to begin with and more expensive to implement. Nevertheless, it would serve more purposes when hosting parties or movie gatherings.

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