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Tips For Buying Furniture Online


Cheap furniture or scams?

When selecting furniture through online shops, the prices always seems too good to be true. Therefore, many buyers will rather head down to a reliable furniture store or malls to make their purchases. Furniture from retail stores will give clients a feeling of insurance. However, does that mean all online stores are not reliable? Well let’s help to solve the mystery.

1st question that pop up when buying online is “why is the item so cheap?”. Well a few factors can help bring down the cost of selling for a furniture.

  1. No need to pay additional shop rentals. A big part of the cost in a furniture is due to the retail modelling business. A table or bed might cost just a fraction of the price that retail stores are selling. However, the boss have to factor in the cost of rental to the final selling price.
  2. No need to hire sales staff to attend customers. Online stores are able to put down all the info into a page for buyers. Hence, there is no need to factor in additional cost or commission for  hiring retail sales staff.
  3. Competitive pricing against the internet. When there are many options for 1 product, it will become a buyers playground. Furthermore, if the clients are tech savvy users, they will be able to make comparison easily.
  4. Selling in bulk than target small group of users. The internet is a big place for shoppers. Hence, an online shop can easily target bulk purchasing group. Whereas shops and malls can only target customers in the area.

So by saying those does that mean that buying online is the best choice? Apparently no, getting stuff online is sometimes like a gamble. Thus, customers might fall into irresistible scams. Especially those who are new or not as techy in the online shopping field. Here are some tips one should take note when buying online.

  1. Pricing that are too good to be true! Imagine a set of new dinning table selling at $30. Unless, the shop is offering at clearance or closing down sales, you might end up with just broken pieces of wood.
  2. Items that have none or fake repeating reviews. When buying online, it is important to swim through the sea of reviews. This helps to ensure the authenticity of the product.
  3. Unknown online shopping platforms. It is super important to get your stuff from a reputable online shop. Fake shops are all over internet as it is easy to create a website today. Hence, do look out for a secured and well known website.
  4. Website that sells overpriced items claiming well known brands. What you read online is not always what you buy in the end. Therefore, before purchasing do compare against 3 or 4 similar shop that sells the same items. However, if the original brand is offering similar price range, then it best to do a cross check with the brand.
Conclusion of buying online

Ultimately, there will be scams when buying from any source. A dishonest salesman from retail stores or a fake website can easily lure customers into traps. Therefore, it is important to quip yourself with some knowledge on the product you are buying. However, buying online is definitely not a scam and has helped many families save cost. While online platforms might not be as trustworthy, with the right knowledge customer might end up with good surprises.

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