Yi Leng Electronics Service

Yi Leng Electronics Service is an aircon service company in Singapore.

Affordable electrical and general works

Yi Leng Electronics Service is handyman company with 30 years of experience in Singapore. They expertise in providing electrical, cable, installation, repair and maintenance. As handyman requirements is in huge demand, it is important to get an experience vendor.

Yi Leng Electronics Service will be able to assist most of the needs in a HDB. Hence, new or existing home owners can easily contact them to settle the current home situation. On top of that, the company focus on customer satisfaction by providing high quality materials and workmanship.

Electrical works is important for a house and the safety is the top priority for many house owners. Therefore, getting someone who is not reliable for electrical works might end up in a disaster. Thus, home owners will usually be very careful when making their final choice. Furthermore, this service is not cheap and getting the wrong company is as good as paying the services 2 times. This is why, choosing Yi Leng is most likely to solve the issue for home electrical.

Regardless, if the house is new or old, the company will be able to provide a complete solution that helps. Additionally, they can install home electronics such as fans, water heater, lights and many more. Thus, home owners will get one stop solution package to get their basics done. Above all, their electricians are licensed and mostly with a number of  years of experience.

Besides electrical services, Yi Leng Electronics Service provides other home services. House owners can find them for services such as:

  1. House Cabling
  2. TV Bracket Supply
  3. TV Bracket Mounting
  4. CCTV installation
  5. Door Access System
  6. Projector Supply
  7. Projector Installation
  8. Handyman Services

If you are looking for a reliable company to fix up your house electrical products. Feel free to contact Yi Leng Electrical Service for a free quotation today.

Contact Methods:

Address: 32 Defu Lane 10 #03-24 Singapore 539213
Tel: 6784 4353 | 9459 2886 (24h)

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