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How to attract people to your listings?

  • Be direct on the information you want to advertise
  • Attractive photos that are related to your company’s services
  • Prices, terms and conditions must be clear for people to build confidence on your company
  • Once the people who had used your services, request them to post a review on your company at our portal to increase reliability for other users
  • Straight to the point tittles E.g “Cheapest Air-con Services from $50”. Through the title people can understand directly what you are providing.
  • Frequently posting on our portal with updated pricing and promotions that you are providing at the current moment.
  • Offer attractive deals to 1st time users in our portal
  • Highlight the current trends in the market and how your company is able to solve them


Submitting your company listings at our portal will assist in the following:

  • Assist without guarantee on your SEO rankings
  • Allow people in Singapore to search for your home services on our portal
  • Help you manage your customer service via feedback and review system
  • Promote your most recent packages without going through the hassle of updating your website
  • Prominent chance but not guaranteed to be seen on Google Maps Singapore
  • Prominent chance but not guaranteed to be ranked on
  • Prominent chance but not guaranteed to have more visitors to your website and social media pages
  • Will build more lead generation and enquiries on your company’s services


We do assist our clients with the following if needed:

  • Copywriting Services – $70 and above
  • Commercial Video – $500 and above (Your company has to provide materials)
  • Video Editing & Post Production – $500 and above
  • Logo Designs – $50 and above
  • Favicon Designs – $50 and above

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8 rules of salesperson (Inspired after reading from Forbes)

  • Prospect communicating is always the real problem. Look deeper and ask smarter questions, most sales people often have a problem communicating with prospect. Thinking that the problem always lies on a “bossy client”, in fact you could bring real value to them if you had hit the root of their problems.
  • Thinking that Making a fantastic initial presentation will always seal the deal. Make sure that you have already secured and won over your prospect mind share. By then, giving the last and final presentation will assure that your prospect turns into a 110% convinced client of yours.
  • Stop Talking! Often at the first time of a meeting, sales people think that if they continue to squeeze topic out with the prospect, it would break the ice and it should secure the deal. Start listening and asking questions, the most important information that you want to imply is “Why should you buy from me?”.
  • Think that you can sell everything in this planet. Nobody likes to be taught or told what to do, this is a pre programmed resistance in everybody. Instead of telling what you prospect should do, why not ask them what they want to do and provide them with problem solving solutions. Never think you can sell anything to anyone in this planet.
  • Sharing too much information on your product. Our ultimate goal as a sales person is to sell, do not get to excited on sharing every specs on your product. Thinking that every tiny bit of information shared to your prospect will be digested. In true fact, the person who is always finalizing the proposition is the Director or Owner of the company. They only like to digest on how they are able to gain from you and how this might shorten or lessen they workload.
  • Failing to take control. 1 of the most important key to a successful sales person. As a salesperson, we often forgot that we are the play makers of this game. Judging and prospecting if the prospect is worth your time to invest or having poor decisions planning on the sales cycle. If unable to classify your time on the prospects, your sales cycle will prolong causing you to jeopardize your sales targets.
  • Assuming the thoughts of prospect. Thinking you have the ability of “Professor X” is a negative impact to your sales foundation. We can never know what are the needs of the prospect by assuming the difficulties that they are facing. The only time that you should apply assumption is when it is the right time to close the deal.
  • You are your only competitor. Never blame anyone or the prospect for holding back your deal. It is the duty of a salesperson to assure that the prospect is confident to take up the proposal. It is your responsibility to streamline the possibilities and make sure that the prospect would not make 2nd considerations but you. This is the most powerful technique in sales “Selling Yourself”.

With this 8 rules of sales, it shall refine a salesperson to move up the value chain. is a platform assisting home services company in Singapore to generate leads online.
We look forward to become the best home services listing portal in Singapore.
We hope to help the salespeople to achieve more after reading this information.


24hrs Aircon Company in Singapore

In the competitive Aircon industry in Singapore homes, many of the Aircon Servicing Companies provides 24hrs Aircon Services.
This is because in Singapore, most of households have installed aircon in their homes in order to stay refreshing and cooling due to the hot weather.
It is unimaginable to be left in a room with an aircon that is not functioning well or worst a room without an aircon.
Therefore, this is why it is important to have 24hrs Aircon Company in Singapore.
These companies work 24hrs to make sure that our aircon runs well and make us feel good.When should an Aircon go for a chemical wash?
This article is to tips on how frequent should an aircon go for a chemical wash.
Singapore is a hot country, that is why aircon is an essential item in homes.
It is important to maintain the condition of the aircon to avoid bigger monetary problems in the future.Regular Maintenance and Washing
The importance of getting your aircon wash and maintained regularly is the only way of prolonging the livespan of the aircon.
You may consult an aircon company specialist every quarter to check on the health of your aircon units.
It is best advised that you do a monthly aircon chemical wash, if not quarterly but not longer than 6 months as it will lead to severe damage to the aircon.
If you do not have budget to do monthly cleaning for your aircon, you can watch this video from this link on DIY Aircon cleaning.


What do Alexa do?
Alexa is a company owned by Amazon with an informative website that ranks all the websites in the world.
It determines the performance and quality of your website allowing people to have a rough gauge of the visitor traffic to your website.
The Alexa system work like a grading tool that ranks only websites with significant amount of visitor rates.
Alexa determines your rank by the visitors traffic and the number of page views occurring in your website, this means by having more traffic the probability of increasing your website’s Rank is higher.Tips on increasing your website’s rank with Alexa
1) One of the factor that will affect the ranks of your website through Alexa is to determined on your visitors that are having an Alexa Toolbar installed on their browser when they visit your website.
This is because Alexa collects website traffic information that is based on tracking through the Alexa Toolbar. It is important to prompt your users to install an Alexa Toolbar so that you will enjoy a huge significant amount of rank jumps in your website’s ranking.
2) Website Traffic is one of the KEY FACTOR for your website rankings in Alexa, this is only possible when you market your website well enough to get known in the market for constant visitor traffic.
It takes an extreme effort to increase website traffic, below are a list for your consideration:

  • Constently Blogging with unique and new content
  • Social Media Advertising / Social Media Sharing encourage your visitors to have the ability to share your website information with their social circle
  • Advertise your website through Guest Blogging on other websites
  • Listing your website through high authority websites or directories
  • Tiding and using proper keywords for your page title and description (Domain Name plays apart but very minimal)
  • Tag your images with links, titles, captions and descriptions
  • Strategic meta title will affect how Google is going to rank your keywords for
  • On site and off site SEO optimization (if you do not know how, contact Singapore Home Services)
  • Do Search Engine Marketing through Google or Yahoo to gain traffic
  • Facebook Ads

Using an Alexa Rank Widget by registering an account through Alexa and claiming your website. You can get the scripting codes from Alexa to paste it in your website for a better tracking of your visitors.
You may also create a custom tool bar using Alexa Toolbar Creator, this will help you to connect to more visitors and get more traffic. You will have to keep prompting your visitors to get the Alexa Toolbar a well.

We have come out with the shortest and most helpful tips for you to rank better in Alexa.
This might help determine a better rank and traffic to your website but do remember that Alexa is a rough gauge for your website ranking.
There is no direct relationship that it means that your Search Engine Rank Page will be affect from this.
In order to rank well on search engines, it is best that you do more marketing and optimization of your website.
With more page getting ranked on search engines, it means more traffic will be visiting your website which will then lead to a higher rank in Alexa.

Do remember this too, with a higher rank in Alexa for your website it strengthens your Google Page Rank as well.

Singapore Home Services


Aircon Servicing Singapore

The weather conditions in Singapore is humid and warm which is why there is a need for us to install an aircon in our home.
This is to ensure that we are able to enjoy certian level of comfort and clean air by uterlising the benefits of having an aircon.
In Singapore, air conditioning has became parts of our lives and choosing a good aircon servicing company is really crucial.In Singapore Home Services, we provide the most unbiaised list of aircon servicing companies in Singapore.
Choosing a good aircon servicing company is not as easy as there are many criteria that might upset the proceedure such as late appointments, bad after services, over-priced charges and unprofessional workmanship.Let Singapore Home Services provide you with the best aircon servicing company that will suit you current and future needs.
You may refer to the review services that we provide for our users to allow you to make a better choice.


Hiring a Part Time Maid in Singapore

In Singapore, hiring a part time maid is necessary task for us as we need to maintain the cleanliness of our home apart from our busy work schedule.
How to ensure that we make the right choice when engaging a part time maid company?

1) Make sure that the company only provides Singaporean or Singaporean PR maids.
Foreigner Maid permits are not allowed to work outside except for their current family’s house as this is clearly stated by MOM.

2) Before engaging read carefully for the Terms & Conditions for using their companies services.
Any extra hours costs, additional of maid cost, extension of cleaning hours and other clause must be read before you decide on the company

3) Cost savings to tie down to a long term package instead of ad-hoc cleaning.
Cleaning packages are cheaper if you take them up by annually or quarterly packages. The cleaners will be scheduled weekly to clean your house.

4) Is the cleaning company reputable and trustworthy?
You can read information regarding the companies through online communities. You will be able to know if the company you are using is using legal PR/Singapore part time maid.