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10 Essential Furniture For Your New Home

Most of the people in Singapore are able to get a chance to purchase a new house. When the time comes, it is important to prioritize the right furniture that you should purchase.

Today we are going to cover on “10 Essential Furniture For Your New Home”.

Interior is what defines a house, therefore a great interior design creates the foundation of your home. Interior designing is important but it is not what we will be discussing today, for more tips on interior you can visit our listing page to consult any of the interior designing companies there.


Number 1:
House Lighting

10 essential furniture lighting

Choosing a house lighting is dependent on the size and interior planning of your home. A good lighting will greatly affect the mood and ambiance of your house by enhancing the visual outlook of your interior. No, we do not mean that a good home lighting should bring extreme brightness to your house to make it look good. Instead it should blend well into the visual outlook of your home, the lighting should be bright enough but not over exposing your interior.

Points to take note when buying your house lighting:
Purchase LED lights for more energy saving consumption to save cost on your utility bills.
Buy lighting with contrast, color and brightness adjustments for creating ambiance.


Number 2:
Living Room Sofa

10 choices of sofa from Singapore Home Services

Living Room Sofa is a must have item in your house. Why? Reason because a sofa is like the bones of your house. Without a sofa, your home will look empty and lifeless. The addition of sofa will lighten up the empty feeling inside you house.

Tips on buying Sofa:
Purchase a living room sofa based on the number of people in your house. Sofa is a good family bonding furniture.
Select a compatible color to suit your living room. If your living room is bright, your sofa should be of darker tone. It should be the same when you living room is dark, it is better to choose a brighter color for your sofa.


Number 3:
Beds For Your Rooms

Bed is an essential in your home

How can a house be without a room? Of course this is a no brainer, a bed is where we spend one of the most time on. We got to sleep 8 hours a day and without the beds, your house is no different from a shelter just for accommodation.

Point for buying Bed:
The bigger is always the better! Well at least that’s what we think.
On side note, before buying the bed always understand your sleeping habits. Also some beds come with a compartment for storing your stuff which is a plus point.


Number 4:

Nice wardrobe for new home

Why wardrobe? This is because we can leave our personal privacy hanging around all over the house. A wardrobe allows you to keep and pack your clothing neatly. If you are concerned over space, you can engage a carpenter and build a customized space saving wardrobe.

What to take note when purchasing or building a wardrobe:
Large storage space for your clothing and accessories.
To classify your wearing and accessory, buy a wardrobe with dividing compartments.
Space saving, instead of pulling doors wardrobe choose a sliding doors instead.


Number 5:
Dining Table

You need a dining table for your dinner and gatherings. A dining table serves its purposes for these functions. More importantly, it provides a more homely feel to your house.

Tips on buying a dinning table:
If your home is small, avoid buying oval or round shaped tables.
Try to find table with extension for more space on your dinning table.
To prevent staining, try not to buy white color dinning table. (Unless it is marble)


Number 6:
Home Entertainment (Television/ Computer/ Android TV)

Xiaomi's 60 inch Smart TV

Xiaomi’s 60 inch Smart TV

Spice up your home with home entertainment like your smart Television. With a small little investment on home entertainment, it will lift up the spirits in your house.

Buying tips for electronics entertainment:
Try to purchase your electronics in bulk for better discounts.
Check for warranty and repair methods in Singapore.


Number 7:

Shelves for Home decoration

When a shelf is being placed in a home, it portrays an unknown intelligent force. The Shelves can be used for many purposes. It can be use as storage, decorations, displays and many other functions to serve your home.

Buying tips for Shelves:
Buy tall shelves that does not require much climbing. It will display a classy feel to your home.
Select a great color that blends into your living space.
Ensure the columns in the shelves to be fully utilize. It will portray a better look for your house.


Number 8:
Kitchen Necessities

Home Kitchen Essential

You can’t live your fullest without making nice home meals for your loved ones. Kitchen is a place where creativity is born. Wow your family and friends by making them great meals with great kitchen ware and display.

Notes to take for your kitchen:
Do not treat your kitchen as a storage space. Keep things that you want and discard those that you don’t want.
Use only the same designs for your plates and utensils. Trust us, the food served would look better.
Make sure you plan the space properly. A kitchen should have a preparation space, washing space, cook area and washing space. If you find it hard to work in your kitchen, perhaps you should engage a smart kitchen concept.


Number 9:
Home Internet / Wifi

In this era, who can live without internet? Get your home wifi set up by subscribing to any of the internet service provider in Singapore.

What should you take note?
When buying a home router, take note of its specifications. (Know your internet speed and setup)
For newly built homes wireless lan should not be an issue. If not a wifi expander will do it’s job.
For older homes, it is best to have a bridging router in a second location for better wifi.


Number 10:
Bathroom Essentials

Singapore Home Services Bathroom essential

A bath room is a place that we have to visit daily. It is also a top priority that you should have in your home. Although time spent in the toilet might be shorter but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore its importance.

Tips on Bathroom Essentials
Do not be SHY to do a sit test on the toilet bowls before purchase.(IMPORTANT)
Installing a mirror is important to start your day fresh daily.
Build a place to store extra bathroom necessities like toilet paper and soap.


Other Essentials apart for 10 Essential Furniture:
Laundry Appliances
Alternatives: Engage home Laundry services

Cleaning Essentials
Alternatives: Use part time cleaning services

Aircon System
This is a luxury even though 70% of the houses are equipped with aircon.
Alternative: Buy 2nd hand aircon systems or replace aircon with mist fans

Buy aircon system in Singapore

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