Ah Teck Electrical Services

An uncle who provides electrical services to homes

Hotline: 9455 4326

Ah Teck is an one man show electrician in Singapore who provides services to houses. Regardless how big is the house, he is able to offer timely services at very affordable pricing. Most importantly, Ah Teck ensures the safety of his work to keep your household safe from danger.

From early 2000, Uncle Ah Teck has been offering his services via companies. Thereafter, he left his current job and pursue his goal to start up his own electrician company. As he was extremely friendly and his work was excellent, clients keep on supporting him throughout the years.

Here are the list of his services.

1. Full home electrical services, from consulting to implementation.

2. Common electrical works, replace faulty switches and plugs.

3. Conceal wiring works by drilling walls for hiding of wires.

4. Replacing and installing of lights. Additionally, fans and electronics which requires installation services. (For more information call to confirm.

5. Drilling of walls and installing furniture fixtures.

6. Basic handyman works like home painting, wall repair and plumbing.

As an one man show company, Ah Teck is focus on keeping his timeline accurate. Hence, when a project is given to him, he will do his best to deliver on time. Most importantly, the outcome of his work will always meet the expectations of his customers.

If you are a new home owner and has no idea how to engage an electrician. Just give us a ring, the coordinators will arrange a time slot for a consultation service with Ah Teck. However, do take note that he is mandarin speaking hence if you require english do advise in advance.

Other jobs such as painting, drilling and handyman stuff, you may want to call for more information. Nevertheless, Uncle Ah Teck is a friendly guy who will keeps his customers happy and satisfied.

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