Clean your house air with Allied Aircon

As a family business which target to serve the neighbourhood since 1976. Today the company has evolve with a large scale goal to aim at serving the whole community in Singapore. Till date, the company has serve more than 10,000 clients from residential and commercial sectors. Hence, the team believes that they are definitely 1 of the top choice when it comes to aircon matters.

One of the most important factor when engaging an aircon company is the efficiency of their cleaning. For Allied Aircon Engineering, the company is constantly focusing on better equipment for greatest outcome. This is to create a much efficient way to ensure the cleansing process in the fastest and cleanest manner. Many customers like a complete service experience to enjoy the convenience of not have extra hassle. Thus, this is why the company strongly believe in improving on tech skills and equipment.

Services that Allied Aircon Provides

General servicing of AC units / Thorough cleansing of the whole aircon system / Checking of electrical components / Aircon problems consultation / Schedule timely services / Repairing services / Installation

All services provide by the company are cover with warranty.

Regardless if your problem is a big or small one, their friendly consultant will provide a proper solution. Thereafter, upon agreement a specialist team will head over to rectify and solve the issue. Furthermore, Allied Aircon understand the value of time so they will do their 101% best to meet timeline and meeting schedules.

As for working timing, the company provides services from 9am – 6pm. For emergency requirements, it will be base on case by case basis. As for installation and dismantle services, Allied Aircon will offer their rates to earn the edge in the competitive aircon industry. Thus, you can comfortably leave your trust with the company to ensure you will only be receiving a top notch end product.

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