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The average cost for renovation (2020)

What is the average cost for renovation in 2020?

When renovating a house, the cost may vary from as low as $20,000 SGD to $100,00 SGD averagely. Hence, many home owners are always looking for the most accurate amount to spend for their renovation. However, as every house is different and the work require to make it look good differs. The cost may have a huge difference for 2 similar houses in a building.

That being said how can home owners know how much they should prepare? It all comes down to personal expectation and involvement to the renovation. If you are looking for prestige and fine Euro raw materials, the cost of a flooring alone might cost $100,00 for a 4 room flat. However, if a home owner is looking to save, the cost for the whole project may just be as much as $20,000 SGD.

Lets look at the possibilities, for owners who are looking to save up. A home owner may have to take a risk of buying raw materials from direct sources. Therefore, it will require them to make research on the most reliable source. Example for flooring and tiles, customers can get them from Soon Bee Huat.

However, sourcing raw materials is the most simple portion. Thereafter, the home owner will need to get a reliable company to provide the tiler service. Which again, research and time will be crucial for the process. Ultimately, the main aim is to enjoy as much savings as possible. Thus, comparing against high end renovation, an low cost renovation may also achieve great results if one has the time and knowledge.

On the other hand, a renovation can be task to an interior designer. Typically, the average cost of hiring an interior company may vary from $40,000 to $100,000 for a 4 room house in Singapore. However, they are expensive for a reason as they give clients a 1 stop solution.

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Engaging an ID is a different experience, they will provide ideal 3D drawing with theme concepts. Thus, home owners just need to provide their ideal style of they house. Thereafter, the interior designer will draw out the plans for the whole renovation project. Furthermore, the ID company will offer a grace period for warranty. Which helps the house owners to feel assurance on the after sales service.

At the end of the day, there will be both pros and cons on any decision. Hence, it is most important that you make some research on the final decision for your house renovation.

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