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A clean home with cleaning specialists

Axcel Cleaning Specialists offers convenient cleaning manpower solution with part time cleaning maids. Singapore is a fast pace country with rising cost for many house hold services. Hence, many home owners turn to solutions such as part time maids as it saves cost and time.

Hiring a full time home keeper can be stressful and expensive as a home owner will need to provide for lodging costs. Furthermore, adapting to a new comer to the house will require time and adjustments to the lifestyle. Thus, many young couples who own a small home in Singapore considers part time maids a best plan.

Depending on each requirements, a cleaning session can vary between 3 to 5 hours each time. The cost of hiring these cleaning specialists starts from $60. Additionally, these services can be pre-schedule to fit in the busy timetable that Singaporeans have.

Booking a session with Axcel Cleaning Specialists is simple, home owners can contact them via Whatsapp. Therefore, users can easily pre-book their sessions with the company. However, it is important to book in advance as the company offers only first come first serve basis.

Their experience team will head down to your place and start the cleaning process at your home. Most importantly, the company’s specialists are of legal local or PR workforce. Hence, home owners can rest assure that they are not dealing with any breaking the laws in Singapore.

The big part of why many client choose the company is due to the extra effort by the owner. They do not just offer manpower without supervision which a handful of companies out there do. After sales service will be provided by checking up with the owner on their experience. Thereafter, provide training and improvement for their workforce to keep the satisfaction level.

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