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Best methods to clean your house in Singapore

Find the best methods to clean your home

Best ways to clean house in Singapore

Cleaning house is a tedious task and the busy schedules in Singapore make it even harder for home owners. Due to the dusty and humid weather, our houses here may require frequent cleaning. Hence, here are few of the best methods to clean your house in Singapore.

Buying the right tools and equipment
Having the right tools can help save time and effort required for the house cleaning task. A 2-in-1 robot can be scheduled to mop and vacuum the house daily.

Schedule a full clean instead of area cleaning
Scheduling a full clean of the house will be more effective than doing area cleaning daily. Furthermore, the thought of daily cleaning will create resistance, after coming home from a long and tiring day of work.

Reduce the unnecessary things at home
Consider to donate, sell or reduce the unnecessary items lying around at home. Best way of doing so is to control yourself from buying additional things. Besides, doing such will help to save you additional money and time required for cleaning.

Hire part time or full-time helpers
An additional pair of hands will definitely increase the efficiency of maintaining the cleanliness in the house. However, hiring incurs cost and you need to provide accommodation for a full-time helper.

Place air purifier and dehumidifier in all rooms
An air purifier may reduce the unseen dust while the dehumidifier can remove moist in the air. These are the 2 main culprit that causes one of the most dust in the house.

Block off unused area in the house
Most unused areas are the dirtiest parts in your house. This is because we would not notice it unless we perform thorough cleaning frequently. Hence, the best way is cover off unused areas with acrylic panels to minimize dust accumulation.

Plan cleaning schedules
Try to motivate yourself through scheduled cleaning plans for your house. People who plan for a schedule will most likely accomplish the task as it increases the satisfaction upon completion.

Gather a team
For family, gather everyone and provide task individually may further increase the cleanliness in the house. Likewise for house owners who are single, find a partner or some friends to party up for the cleaning. Thereafter, reward everyone to motivate the team for future sessions.

Make cleanliness a habit
Making home cleaning into a habit will benefit your body health. Viruses and bacteria accumulated on untidied places will slowly affect our healthy. Hence, it is important to train yourself keep cleanliness as a habit, this would save you from falling ill.

Lastly, if your house is in a bad shape where a cleaning will not seem to help, consider to renovate the place. A professional renovator can help to clear out all unnecessary items and perform a makeover of the house. However, this process will require huge sum of money, so proceed with a plan. Alternatively, you may consider to take up a renovation loan.

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