D & N Locksmith

An experienced locksmith located in the West Area

D & N Locksmith is a locksmith company servicing the west area of Singapore. As locksmith is not an easy task, it is always important to get a reliable company. Started out 20 years ago, D & N Locksmith has the experience and skills to solve all situations.

Offering low cost while ethical services, the company has a good reputation from clients. Hence, building good customers referrals through word of mouth. Thus, allowing the company to stand out from other competition.

However, low cost and efficient service is not enough for a company to sustain. Which is why the company focus on building relationships with clients to maintain a long run. As such, home owner will look for D & N Locksmith for all locks related services.

The company offers their services to both residential and commercial clients. Additionally, offering unlocking services for faulty or missing key locks. With the 20 years of experience in the market, the unlock specialist can identify a solution for most issues.

Apart from that, the company provides installation services of locks. Making it possible for replacing or installation of locks in a new or pre-owned house. The company will also advise on the lock types depending on the requirement of the customer. Therefore, one can easily engage them to enjoy hassle free lock security services.

Most importantly, a locksmith company need to abide with the law in Singapore. The company will be able to comply when a police officer is required for the unlocking. Hence, clients can rest assure that their safety is in a licensed locksmith specialist.

Finally, if you are staying in the west area of Singapore and ever get yourself in a difficult lock situation. Just ring up the hotline on the photo of the listing, a specialist will arrange a session with you.

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