De Master Locksmith

Locksmith Service in North Side of Singapore

De Master Locksmith is a family business of father and sons to provide locksmith services. With more than 20 years of experience in the market, today they have a few outlets in Singapore.

The company offers a range of locksmith services from unlocking, key duplication to installation of lock. Thus, allowing home owners to get a complete lock solution. Additionally, they provide solutions and consultation for car doors locks and key pairing services.

Located with a few physical stores in the north side of Singapore, the company makes duplicate keys there. Therefore, home owner may engage them to get a new copy for their house keys.

Apart from that, the store offers a wide range of branded locks. House and office owners can easily find a lock which can secure their property. Furthermore, get proper advising on which kind of lock works best to keep a property safe.

Car owners who get lock out of their car can also call for an urgent unlocking service. Their locksmith specialist is able to provide an unlocking service and also help to pair a new key.

24 hours Locksmith

A most common scenario to get a locksmith is when you get lock out in the middle of the night. Getting a locksmith might be a challenge during this timing. However, De Master Locksmith is a 24 hours locksmith to help people for emergency services.

Installation of Locks

Buying a lock is easy while installing it requires skill and knowledge. Apart from selling locks, the company offers services to install the lock for their clients. Some locks are complicated as it provides higher security. Which is why, an experience and skillful locksmith is required for the installation.

Other miscellaneous task such as change of letter box lock, safe or cabinet unlocking can be done by them as well.

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