3 Room HDB

De Style Interior – 3 Room HDB at 550 Ang Mo Kio

3 Room HDB at 550 Ang Mo Kio

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3 Room HDB at 550 Ang Mo Kio

What’s trending in this home design? Great color themes or clean lighting? We think it is the partitioned work place in the living room. This house features a large living room and by using it only as a living room would waste its whole element.


The idea of having the work space inside of the living room makes the whole house cozy as it absorbs the emptiness feeling on the other part of this large living room.


The feature of the master bedroom is the boxed design shapes that is found in almost every part of the room.


In order to create to the toilet, color matching materials are used to construct the core. Making it blend into the whole concept of the house.


The kitchen make the house look additionally spacious by using the open concept kitchen element.

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