5 Room HDB

De Style Interior – 5 Room HDB at Pasir Ris Drive

5 Room HDB at Pasir Ris Drive

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Inspired by the love of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, footprints of fitness can be found in corners of the house. The touch of a modern European style converts the house into a HDB vintage.


It pays off to take risk, don’t you think so? The use of wall coverings to fulfill the outcome requires gutsy and experienced interior knowledge to produce such wonderful outcome. 


Though being clean and simple, the house has an inner warmth for the owners. It definitely recreates a wonderful feel like you have just stepped into a house in Europe.


To keep the style as original, it is important for the lighting to produce the exact atmosphere. The inspiration from the architectural elements of Europe and a unique look that certainly sets this home apart from others.


Building the walk-in wardrobe in one of the room to display the owner’s outfits gracefully. Its purpose is to create more space to accommodate the small rooms in the current HDB home. More importantly, it does not suffocate the space when dressing up in this room.

If you did enjoy this 5 Room HDB at Pasir Ris Drive done by De Style Interior, don’t hesitate to give them a ring today. De Style Interior would provide you with the most comprehensive home ideas. Call +65 6555 5200

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