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Home Sanitization to kill germs and viruses


As the world is currently tackling the virus issue, it is important to make sure our houses are safe for living. DG Packaging Pte Ltd is one of the pioneering company in Singapore to provide proper sanitation of homes and workspaces. With more than 17 years of experience, the company ensures your safety with their top notch cleansing methods.

DG Packaging Pte Ltd provides services to help you detect all the hidden areas where a sanitation should take place. Often, the community in Singapore is overwhelm by the tight schedules. Therefore, leading to a lapse in concern for a clean living or working space. Which is why the professionals of DG Packaging Pte Ltd will be able to cover the aspects of this area.

Most families are concern over strong chemical which might affect the health of their family. DG Packaging Pte Ltd team offers a cleaning process with safe disinfectant which is safe for kids and pets in the place. Hence, clients can enjoy a worry-free experience when engaging the company. Furthermore, the benefit of such sanitization allows 99.9% protection against most germs and viruses.

As a leading company in Singapore for professional cleansing, the team uses a patent spraying technology. Whereby, their Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer is disperse by an option of 40/80/110 microns. With such, there is no need for physical hand wiping which contamination might occur. This is a more secure, efficient and faster application. Most importantly the process of spraying with electrostatics, the solution will be able to wrap conductive surfaces.

The sanitation process is suitable for residential or commercial owners. Besides professional services, the company is able to offer suggestive consultation. The goal of the company is to offer great client experiences. Meanwhile, exceeding the expectation of a safe and clean living or working place.

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