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Good time to buy or sell house

Bad times for buying a house? Read on.

Buying a house is a huge and long term investment for many. Hence, when making such decision every owner hopes to get the best deal in the market. However, in times where the economy is bad, most news will point toward a safer option. Which leads many to wonder is it really a good time to purchase a property.

Well, a property in every parts of the world will cost differently. Nevertheless, all properties share 1 thing in common, it is definitely an expensive purchase. Anything one can get below valuation should be well researched on the history of the property. (Some might be a haunted mansion or bad geography therefore a cheap price tag)

Regardless of any price tag, most people in the world will want to have a place where they call home. Thus, in good or bad times there will definitely be a market for buying and selling of mortgages.

During good times, properties are being push to their best ROI potential, allowing transaction to move fast. While a bad time will slow transaction but offer great opportunities of getting a irresistible deal. In both different times, it seems one can only catch an outcome from each period. However, it is definitely not the case, let us tell you why.

Good times bring many buyers but less sellers in the market. Why do we say so? Everyone is pinning hope to get the best buyer in the market. For example, a 4 room house in Singapore averagely cost about $300,000. During good economy, the average selling pricing might shoot up progressively. Therefore, it creates a conception to home seller to believe there will be room for price growth.

Now let’s look at bad economy times, buyers will reduce in numbers as they become more conservative about the market. However, genuine buyers gets more choices and opportunities. Hence, allowing negotiation for sellers to offer a price for negotiation.

So time always a considering factor for home purchase, however the best opportunity might appear anytime. Hence, the best time time purchase a house is when one is financially.

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