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How to choose toilet door for your house

Choosing the right toilet doors

New or existing home owners ofter have difficulties finding the best choices of doors for their toilets. The reason is because many vendors are selling similar products with little customisation and designs to choose from. Thus, most will settle with the cheapest without looking into other aspects of the toilet door quality. Hence, this is the reason why we would like to share how you should choose the toilet doors for your house.

1. Get the professionals to access your house toilets, getting experts over can help to save time and trouble. Furthermore, you will likely get the perfect solution that you seek for. Such professionals includes, PDDoor, Vgdoors.

2. Otherwise, you can consider buying doors from online channels. Some of these online vendors offer customised solutions for different kind of houses. However, there will be some risk as products may not fit as well when installing.

3. Getting freelancers to build and install your doors is a cheap options. Whereby, you should be able to find common market door choices. That being said, for people who are seeking unique designs would face hurdles as freelancers have lesser stocks and choices.

Apart from reaching out to vendors, you should have a rough idea on what kind of doors to purchase. Here are the types of doors which are commonly used for toilets.

1. Slide and swing doors are the most common types of doors you will find in HDB houses. This kinds of doors are great fit for common toilets or house spaces which have a small hallway.

2. Swing doors provide a more classy look as it fits into the aesthetics of most house designs. However, the bad thing about using Swing Doors is space consumption.

3. Alternatively, a Sliding door can help find a balance in between. Apart from space savings, it can also be build with great outlook.

Ultimately, you should get a sturdy toilet door which last as it needs to withstand water damage in the long term.

If you have no knowledge on building your new houses, visit our home tips for more info.

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