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Mortgage Loan For Resale Houses

Apply for the best mortgage loans for your home today

Most home owners will require a home loan to purchase their houses in Singapore. Hence, applying mortgage loan via banks or brokers is important to ensure the possibility of securing the property. However, the loan market has lots of choices which is hard for one to make a firm decision. Therefore, let us break down the best mortgage loans which home owners can consider for their house purchase.

HDB or Private Property

Mortgage loans will depend on what kind property one is considering to get. A new HDB or resale HDB house can be refinance by the HDB which is a scheme by the Singapore Government. However, this loan has a higher interest but is more lenient to owners. Hence, owners can apply for wavier for late payments or penalties depending on case by case basis.

Financing private property will be through banks whereby the loan interests are lower. Furthermore, there will be perks and incentives as banks are more competitive to win clients. Hence, one can enjoy fully on savings plus additional rewards when signing up for their loans with banks. That being said, banks are strict to penalise late payments and penalty waiver is not as easy.

Best package to purchase resale houses

Depending on your choice, taking up loan from HDB loan for a resales HDB flat is fix. Therefore, you may only control the duration of the loan that you intend to repay for.

On the other hand, although banks are stricter on their terms but owners can pick the best package for their repayment. Every loan amount is different and banks offer packages base on the amount and duration one is looking to refinance. A best package will require research and knowledge in the loan industry which many do not have. Therefore, a broker is a best choice when it comes to comparing your refinancing portfolio.

Mortgage Specialist and Home Loan Brokers

These are the people who are constantly in line with the latest trend for mortgage loans. Which is why home owners usually will get their best repayment package through a refinancing broker. They have close relationship with banks and are able to get the best package available. One can easily apply for a comparison through our website today to find out more.

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