PD Door

One of the largest door manufacturer in Singapore

Looking for a door with special design and great finishing? PD Door is the vendor that home owners should consider when choosing their home doors. From 2004, the company has grow in to one of the number 1 brands for home and commercial doors.

With their international presence, they have offices and factories in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Korea. Hence, consumers can easily find their products in many buildings and houses. Apart from that, their doors design helps to tackle the space problem in house. Through years of research, the company has develop many space saving doors to fit into the interior for Singapore homes.

As the demand for more unique spaces have surface in Singapore. PD Door was able to keep up with the trend and offering more design choices in their line of products. Furthermore, assisting interior designers to customise the door which fit into their current design plans.

The line of product in PD Door is huge hence allowing almost everyone to find a door that they need. One can find a door for kitchen, toilet, rooms, yard, balcony, shower screen to even open concept design. Additionally, if you need help on dismantling and installation, they provide a 1 stop service to cover it all.

Ultimately, a door is to provide nice aesthetics to a home design while being safe and durable. With the experience and research by PD Door, customers can rest assure that they are getting what they pay for. Furthermore, if one is looking for unique designs to manufacture there is a high chance PD Door may provide such service.

Most importantly, the company assures quality of the build of their products. Which most of their door designs are being tested by a durability test. Additionally, the company has 15 years of experience with more than 500,000 door installation. Which is why making them one of the top Door manufacturer in Singapore.

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