3 Room HDB

Rezt & Relax Interior – 3 Room HDB at Dover

Interior Design for 3 Room HDB

3 Room HDB at Dover

Price: S$35,000 / Call Rezt & Relax Interior for a free quotation. (+65 6348 7787)

Rezt & Relax Interior Singapore

Interior Design for 3 Room HDB

Classical white interior design theme done by Rezt & Relax Interior. The living room is built with simplicity, using 2 main colors as a better contrast for the design. A designed partition wall is built in between the main door and living space. The false ceiling creates a better atmosphere in the room and avoid direct eye contact with the LED lights.

Dover 3 room HDB open concept kitchen

To enjoy additional space, the kitchen is built as an open concept dining area. The advantage of having an open concept kitchen is more working area for the kitchen. There is no wall in between the living room and kitchen to create more space for the house. A designer table lamp is placed above the dining table for a better lighting during dinner or occasion.

Dover 3 room HDB house

The master bedroom and a small work space in the room with the same color theme as the living room. A custom made wooden wardrobe and a partition wall to separate the bathroom from main sleeping area.

Kid's room in Dover HDB

Child themed room with a modern blue color for the interior and a built in wardrobe with abstract flower art on the doors. A partition shelf is created beside the bed for the child to show the sense of creativity.

3 Room Dover HDB by Rezt & Relax Interior

The toilet in the master bed room and a classy glass door to enhance the outlook of the bathroom. The bathroom is built with darker colors which would make it look cleaner. It definitely looks better doesn’t it?

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