4 Room HDB

Rezt & Relax Interior – 4 Room HDB at Hougang Capeview

A 4 room HDB interior done by Rezt & Relax Interior

4 Room HDB at Hougang Capeview

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Rezt & Relax Interior Singapore

A 4 room HDB interior done by Rezt & Relax Interior

A new 4 room flat in Hougang Capeview with wood theme as the design style of the house. Enhanced with black and dark colors, it brings out the classiness feel of the whole interior. 


Another view of the living room, partition walls are being built to bring out the woody feel. The addition of the false ceiling for atmosphere adjustments. Shelves built on the partition walls for displaying decorations.


The home office room where you can do your work in. It is created with the feeling of commercial so that you can concentrate on your work during the time in this room. The use of glass doors to show your family that you are work so that they should not disturb if unnecessary.  


As the theme of this interior is wood, the building concept for the kitchen cabinets are done with wood carpentry as well. Again black color is the secondary color for the kitchen furniture.


Not forgetting about the bathroom, still wood is the primary choice for building the cabinets and furniture. Minor details like display light below the mirror, cover up on the plumbing pipes and glass doors for classy outlook.


The beauty in the details and craftsmanship in the master bedroom, especially the bed. Partition platform for the wall mount TV and entertainment consoles. A nice corner beside the window to  feel like being in a complete staycation. 

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