3 Room HDB

Rezt & Relax Interior – 3 Room HDB at Tampines

3 Room HDB at Tampines by Rezt & Relax Interior

Type: Resale HDB Flat

Price: This project is estimated around $65k and the designer in charge was the Managing Director of Rezt & Relax Mr. John Foo. You can contact John for a discussion on your house interior by his email john@reztnrelax.com or Whatsapp at +65 9147 5717.

Rezt & Relax Interior Singapore

Rezt & Relax Interior - 3 Room HDB

Being selected as one of the most prominent 3 room HDB interior project, the theme of this house is one of it’s kind. Using wood color as the primary set for most of the furniture in the living room, it is a wise choice that made it into an unique feature.


To accommodate the theme, the kitchen is built similarly with wood materials but in another color scheme. The kitchen is simple but catchy to the eyes for the owners to show to their guest and family. 


The dimmed lights in the master bedroom creates a romantic atmosphere for the newly wed owner. They are able to enjoy the entertainment in this room to ditch their work stress away.


One of the room is being converted to a study and wardrobe room, it features a full wall mirror where you will be able to mix and match your outfit of the day.


With intention of having the dry and wet area to be separated in the toilet, Rezt & Relax came up with this genius idea of increasing the leveling of the floor near the toilet bowl.


A dinning space should be a cozy space where you will enjoy your meals with your family. There is no exception for this dining area, John made it into an extraordinary space for the owners to spend quality time with their loved ones. 


A view when entering the house, it is definitely astonishing to the eyes where a 3 room flat can be renovated to look as same or even better than a Condominium.

All of this could not have happened without an experienced Interior Designer and John Foo is that someone who is able to make magic happen for your homes. In order get a schedule fixed for John to consult you on your home, contact him today at john@reztnrelax.com or Whatsapp at +65 9147 5717.

Book Now! If not you will be disappointed if he is unable to make schedule for you.

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