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Painting a house in Singapore is a tiring task which most owners choose to outsource to a reliable company. Hence, it is common to see the market with many companies out there offering such services. However, painting is definitely not a simple job and if the job is done badly, it may affect the whole house. has been in the painting business for 4 years. The company has a pool of great reviews offering solutions for a modern paint task. Additionally, their company is upfront and will offer the best paint quality available for your homes.

Started out as a company with founder Mr. Jack, with the aim to give Singapore home owners the best home painter services. The company has increasingly enjoy growth through online reviews and word of mouth branding. There is not secret in this trade and the best way for growth is to be honest with your clients. Thus, this is the reason why the company has been able to serve new clients while getting referrals from existing pool of customers.

Furthermore, as a painting company in Singapore they believe in providing 5 stars services to their client.

1. Top Quality – Only buy the best paints and offer the best services for their clients.

2. Providing Assurance – Customers are afraid of cheaters and scams, thus it is important to assure them with honesty.

3. Top Services – Everyone enjoys equally treatment from us. Similarly if we meet nasty situations, we will do our best to find the best outcome.

4. Value – Pricing of a normal HDB paint job starts from $800. However, there might be other companies offering even lower. Nevertheless, this is not what a company should cut corners from. will only set value to our clients whereby what you want is what you pay for.

5. Convenience / Comfort – Working with strangers involve too much emotions. Hence, with our professional team we will do our best to ensure good relationship matters.

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