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Tips for installing a home projector

Singapore Home Services (Installing Home Projector)

Tips for Installing Home Projector

Finally, you have made your decision for your first ever home theater, ignoring the temptation from the 4K ultra HD television from LG or Samsung. Cheers buddy, time to invite your EPL fanboys over for a beer feast!  Now that the decision is made, so how should you start installing your first home projector?

We know it bro, we had been there as well. This job requires a professional to implement, let us share with you some tips to take note. Since we have experienced the installation hassle ourselves, that is why we are able to offer you some valuable lessons on this.

Read more below for just about everything you need to note when installing your home projector.

Install home projector

Tips for Installing Projectors at home

Selecting on the SIZE of your screen.

Assuming that you have already made your decision on the screen’s material and other screen factors. There are tonnes of write up on selecting the right projector screen when you Google it. So how to decide when purchasing the right screen size for your home theater? Well, it is logical that you should measure the area of projection to get the dimension for your screen. If your wall measures 120 inches wide by 60 inches long, you should purchase a screen smaller than the dimension. Never select a screen size which matches perfectly to your projecting dimension and we mean it because many of the users have made this mistake.

Projecting Distance

When installing home projector, we have to calculate the throw distance. Thankfully, technology made modern projectors easy for calculating throw distance when installing. This is however important when dealing with an odd shaped wall for the projecting area. It will require a calculated throw distance where the projection can be shown perfectly. Usually the calculation is achieved by multiplying the screen size by 1.5 to 2.5 times. Example a 100 inches screen size will have a throw distance ranged from 150 to 250 inches away. 

Projector Location

It is advisable to avoid installing of projectors at a viewing angle. The viewing angle means, it should not be placed anywhere where you will be able to see the machine. Also projector hovering directly above the head is not recommended for a perfect home theater setup. This is because the projector would produce fan noises even though modern machines are much quieter. You should avoid installing the projector near to a light source as well. This would affect the output of the images. Using a longer distance would give higher contrast and sharper images within the room.

Cables or Wifi

Choosing between a cabled or wifi projector is also important when considering for the house layout. Modern projector are equipped with wifi, it is logical to get those for a hassle free solution. The only resistance of getting a wifi machine is due to it’s price. Therefore, cabling is the only option for the case. We would recommend using Cat.6 cables and HDMI for a future proofing technology. 


Do not rely on the internal speaker in the projectors. If you are intend to do so, it is recommended that you should save up and get your audio system first. Trust us, using earphones is a better solution than the internal speaker of the projector.

Ceiling Mount

This should be handled by the installers, where they will provide the required material. It is also important to know the right mount for your home theater system. Approach the professionals for better recommendations. 

Setup and Adjustments

If you are totally new to using a projector, it is best to read through the user manuals. This is important to achieve the perfect setup for a great cinematic experience. If figuring it out is impossible then it is best to seek assistance from the projector installation specialist. 


Here is a list of companies in Singapore who provides install projector services.

Yi Leng – Telephone: (+65 9459 2886)


Projector.com.sg – Telephone (+65 6100 0221)


AOE – Telephone (+65 6333 0263)


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