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Customise material and design with VG Doors

VG Door is a brand that is from PD Door Singapore which is 1 of the best seller among home owners. Hence, the company has spin off a website specifically for VG Door series. Doors are the first item we showcase to our guest, thus the details of selecting a right door is important.

VG Doors start out as carrying the premium selections of doors to offer to home owners in Singapore. Thereafter, the team decide to set higher market standards by offering more quality selections while keeping the price point. Nevertheless, the aim was to ensure that all customers to get the doors that they want in their houses.

The doors that VG Door produces focus on these few places for your houses.

  1. Balcony
  2. Bathroom
  3. Bedroom
  4. Kitchen
  5. Room Divider
  6. Sliding Doors

Furthermore, customers can head over to engage their specialist for a custom door design to fit different entrance. In terms of material, the company has a showroom which home owners can visit to experience.

Below is the list of their materials for client to consider:

Frosted Glass

Apart from just buying, owners can engage VG Doors to provide dismantling and installation services. Regardless of existing door material, the company will deploy their specialist to ensure hassle free experience. Upon dismantling services, the installers will take down the measurements of space. Thereafter, installation service can smoothly take place to fit perfectly into the space previously.

Thus, getting a door from a correct vendor is extremely important for a house to look ideal. VG Doors is a brand creation by the pioneering door company PD Door Pte Ltd. Get an ultimate experience at their showroom and choose your ideal doors for your home!

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