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Yee Ceiling Light 320 (28 Watts)

Smart Control Lights at affordable pricing

Yeelight a brand that provides smart home lighting products at an affordable pricing. The company offers many selection of light products which are compatible with most of the current smart home platforms. Hence, it is 1 of the top choices when home owners are looking for smart home devices.

As smart home is starting to getting popular these days for new house owners in Singapore. It is no surprise that many consumers are turning to look for nice looking smart home lightings. Thus, not only the Yee Ceiling Light 320 is a good looking product, it has great value for the price.

Smart Light for all smart home platforms

This ceiling light is able to pair with most popular smart home platforms. Hence, it can be control by using an phone app or the controller which it comes with. However, a smart home is where users set smart scenes for the lights to operate themselves. Thus, users can easily timers or smart scenes where a sensor is trigger for the Yee Ceiling Light to light up. Meanwhile, users will need to have an active connection for the lights to perform smart home scenes.

Wiring and installation

As the device has smart abilities build in, it does not need special wiring methods to make it work. Hence, customers can easily find an electrician to perform the installation.

Switching on and off for Yee Ceiling Light 320

Switching on and off the lights can be done by the main switch. Or else, home owners can leave the main switch on and control the lights with a smartphone. Through a smartphone app, you may off and on the light or adjust the colour and brightness settings.

How to pair it to your smart phone app?

For this, home owners will have to know how do their smart phone apps detect the device. As for the Yee Ceiling Light 320, you will need to switch it on and off from your main switch. Thereafter, the light will go into a breathing mode whereby it can be detected in the app. Though the app, users can then connect it to their home routers.

How much does the Yee Ceiling Light 320 cost and where to buy it?

Cost for this light is between $80 SGD to $130 SGD in Singapore. The cheaper variant being sold by non authorise retailers online. Meanwhile, the expensive variants are sold by authorise reseller which provides 1 year warranty.

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Review of the Yee Ceiling Light 320 (28 Watts)

Overall review of this light is wonderful at the price point which we got it. As beautiful lights in Singapore is not cheap due to risk when shipping over the product. For this price, we are getting a modern light design with smart home capabilities.

Furthermore, the Yee Ceiling Light 320 is bright enough to light up the main area for a 4 room HDB in Singapore. Users can set 3 different colours and brightness with the light.

As our team is using “Mi Home” app, the smart home platform by Xiaomi. Hence, installation and setting up of the apps is an easy task for user who has experience in the smart home platform. However, for those without any experience, we will recommend you to engage someone to help on the setup.

Finally, this is definitely a product we will recommend for home users who are looking for smart home devices. As for owners who are on a tight budget, getting a cheaper LED light can do the essential without smart options.

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