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Best exercises to do at home in Singapore

As we move into the era of working from home, we will also need to ensure that our bodies are properly kept in shape. However, not everybody is able to afford a gym in the house, thus, here are the best exercises you can do at home in Singapore.

1-minute Planks
Doing planks can help to strengthen the core muscle of your whole body. Furthermore, planks help to reduce the stiffness in the body after a whole day work. The best way to do planks is by performing 1-minute intervals 3 times a day. Thereafter, gradually increase the durations and sessions until it is effective for your body.

30 Squats
Sitting too long while staring into your computer? Take short breaks after 1 to 2 hours of work and perform sets of 30 squats, this helps to relax the body stiffness. Additionally, doing squats tighten your back and hips muscles which give a great look for your lower body.

25 Sit-ups
Perform 25 sit-ups 2 times per day to burn the fats in the stomach and crouch area. It is recommended to do sit-ups after you woke up and before sleeping. Also, don’t just do it to clear your checklist, do a properly one where you can feel the strain from exercising.

3 to 5 Minute Burpees
Do as many burpees in 3 to 5 minutes will improve your cardio and body endurance. Yes, we know burpees are tiring and most people hate it, however a 3-to-5-minute session can help benefit so much for the body.

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2 sets of 25 push-ups
Push-up is one of the favorite exercises which many people do at home. Plan for 2 sets of 25 push-ups a day can increase your arm and back muscles. Furthermore, there are many forms of push-ups which can be done anywhere. So, you should not give excuses for not being able to do it.

50 Jumping Jacks
Jumping Jack is an intensive jumping exercise to aid weight loss and burns fats in your body. However, do proper warm up before proceeding as you may pull your muscles and get injured if you don’t.

There are many other exercises which you can practice when working from home. The recommended exercises above are great for you to do at home. Furthermore, exercising keeps our mental and bodies fit as we are decapacitated from heading to public gyms and workout areas. Best of all, you get to destress yourself through exercising when working from home.

Start working out today to become a healthier and happier you!

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