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Smart home in Singapore or just purely wasting money

Buying a house in Singapore is expensive already and the cost of furniture is not cheap either. Hence, most of the home owners will plan carefully for every purchase they make. However, there is a growing trend in Smart Home demands where automation makes a big part of the house. Lets us look at it and share our views on the current home automation market.

What is Smart Home Automation?

Smart Home Automation is a solution to connect electronics, lights and even mechanics to make a house system. Usually, it starts with the controlling lights to give convenience and luxury of being able to close the lights via mobile app. However the smart home industry today has grown to be able to do more.

What can automation can it do?

From controlling of lights, electronics to curtains and entertainment, it control almost 70% of a house. Therefore, more new house owners are adopting to it as it can pre-set the environment of the house. Furthermore, it is unique which owners can host parties to show to their friend and families.

Additionally, home automation is a powerful tool to cut down unnecessary processes. Set your house to light up at 7pm and switching it off at 12 midnight can be done easily. Comparing to traditional methods which owners need to physically off the light and some might forget to do it. Which is why it is gaining popularity for new property owners.

How much does it cost?

A proper home automation can start cheap if customers go with China devices. However, premium ones might cost a bomb which can be up to more than $100,000 Singapore dollars. Hence, it is important to manage your own expectations.

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Any difference selecting cheap and premium solutions?

Honestly, it is a personal choice, this is because there are lots of information on doing it yourself. Getting premium solutions is faster and much stable as the companies have R&D for their products. Furthermore, home owners need to learn coding to be able to configure the smart home functions.

Other than controlling my house what benefit does it offer?

Well, there is a lot as we have mention above. Most house owners like to get an entertainment room to host their guest. Hence applying smart home automation, the owner can easily host their guest via a tablet or mobile phone. Entertainment such as karaoke, movie room or VR can be part of the home system.

Verdict of Smart Home Singapore

Ultimately, it goes down to your budget of completing your house. Therefore, smart home systems is usually in the “wants” list than “needs” list. Furthermore, the cheapest solutions can easily cost more than $1000 Singapore dollars. This money¬†can help complete more things than exploring into smart home.

However, if you are someone who has worked hard enough with a good budget to complete your house. Getting a smart home system will change your life. Furthermore, everyone hope to be different from others which adding home automation can make your house stand out.

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