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Smart Home Solution in Singapore

Buying a home in Singapore is norm for many people here as we are able to use our CPF. As everyone gets a chance to own a house most home designs in Singapore looks similar. Which is why Smart Home Solution is a new direction for most to explore for their houses.

Home Action Party set out at aiming to provide reliable and prestige smart home solution for houses. As home automation was an expensive tech in the past, it has evolve and is now affordable for most in Singapore. Furthermore, the interior design is a top priority for most when buying a house. Hence, most owners look forward to their own special design for their home.

Home Action Party started out with a 2 men company and has grown into a leading company in Singapore for automation solutions. The company offers cutting edge smart home control through voice or mobile devices. Therefore, allowing users to set smart rules for a smarter way of living.

Apart from that the company is popular for their entertainment room setups. As home owners have more budget for their houses, many look for new stuff to fill their homes. Home Action Party helps clients to build their ideal automated entertainment rooms. A real experience in their show room will let one understand that movies and karaoke can be held in a house. From high end sound system, television, karaoke player and even wall decoration for sound absorption, they can make everything perfect fit into the room. Thereafter, house parties could be held without the need of heading out to compete with others for reservations.

Here are the list of items which you can consider for Smart Homes:

  1. Lighting Controls
  2. Sensor Controls (Automatically switch on and off when a person enters or leaves the place)
  3. Home Electronics (Aircons, Television, fans and more.)
  4. Curtains, Binds and Zip tracks
  5. Garage

Start your smart home adventure today!

If keen, please send or call for more information: / 91178136

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