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Condo at Jardin View

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Condo interior by Bluprin.ID

Bluprin.ID Condo Interior at Jardin View

This is the interior of a penthouse condo at Jardin View Singapore. The living room of the home is designed with a futuristic style allowing luxurious space for comfort. The designer has used light colors as the primary, allowing a very homely feel to the owners. 

condo-jardin-view 2

The top view of the house, fantastic concept isn’t it? The dining space situated beside the living hall is a clever choice, allowing your guest to dine while enjoying entertainment from the living room.

condo-jardin-view 3

Another view of the living room.

condo-jardin-view 4

The compatible choice of materials to the theme and style brilliantly enhances the outlook of the home interior. Lighting are designed to lighten up the atmosphere to the home during occasions and parties.

condo-jardin-view 5

A custom designed clock is built in between the stair to the 2nd level of the house. 

condo-jardin-view 6

A room view that is situated at the 2nd level of the Condo at Jardin View.

condo-jardin-view 7

Master Bedroom is one of the most important room when planning a home interior. The reason being that we spend most of the time in our room in the current Singapore trend. The color brings a prestigious feel inside the room which makes your rest alike to a hotel stay.

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