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Material for Toilet Doors

Choosing the right material for bathroom doors

There are many choices of material which you can choose for your home toilet doors. With a large pool of door suppliers in Singapore, one could easily find the most suitable door material for their toilet. However, companies will always try to persuade house owners to think that they had gotten the right doors. Here is a list of suitable door material which you can consider when installing your toilet doors.

Glass toilet doors makes the interior looks classy.
Glass in fill toilet doors by PD DOOR Singapore
Choosing toilet doors made out of glass, instantly create a high-class feel to your home interior. Hence, glass toilet doors are one of the top choices for young home owners. However, glass doors are hard to maintain due to fingerprints and residue from the moist in the toilet. Normally, glass bathroom doors are more costly compared to other materials.

1. Looks elegant to the house design.
2. Makes the toilet visually brighter and spacious.
3. Many kinds of design to choose from compared to other materials.
1. Glass bathroom doors are often more costly to build.
2. Harder to maintain due to fingerprints and stubborn residue.

Wooden toilet doors blend in to almost every kinds of house design.

Wooden doors have long history of usage in Europe that date back to 3000 BC. Furthermore, wooden doors can easily fit into any house design which makes it a popular material for toilet doors. The best thing about owning a wooden door is the effort required for maintenance. Good wooden bathroom doors are durable and require less amount of effort to maintain it as residue will appear obvious on it. That being said, if poor wood material are used for toilets, corrosion will happen due to moisture.

1. Easily fit into any house design.
2. Can easily find good and cheap wood material for toilet doors.
3. Wooden doors are good for DIY decoration or hangers which make it function for the bathroom.
1. Some companies may used cheap and poor wood which will lead to corrosion.
2. Not a new material as wood doors have history in Europe dated as far as 3000 BC.

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Phenolic is the most choosen material for modern apartment toilets

Phenolic bathroom doors have great anti-fungal and water-resistant properties. Additionally, phenolic is extremely durable making it one of the best material to work with. Currently, phenolic is one of most used material for modern apartments as it is customisable with lots of color choices.

1. Customisable with many choices ofcolors
2. Water & fungal resistant
3. Inexpensive
1. May lack a little luxurious feel if contractors are not creative with it.
2. Might get damanged by hard pressured force.

Metal Materials
Stainless Steel

Metal doors are durable doors with strong fungal and water resistance. However, these materials are more suitable for special environment due to higher cost of making. Furthermore, there are limited designs for metal doors to fit into the housing environment in Singapore. Nevertheless, if your budget allows getting a metal bathroom door is not a bad idea.

Ultimately, you can find out more from PD DOOR Singapore on the best bathroom doors for your homes. PD Door is a door manufacturing company to provide all kinds of customised toilet doors in Singapore. PD Door is a door manufacturing company to provide all kinds of customised toilet doors in Singapore.

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