5 Room HDB

Rezt & Relax Interior – 5 Room HDB at Bishan

5 Room HDB at Bishan

Price: $40,000 / Call Rezt & Relax Interior for a free quotation. (+65 6348 7787)

Rezt & Relax Interior Singapore

Interior design from Rezt and Relax

A stylish concept brought to life by Rezt & Relax Interior. A bar counter built inside of the living room that brings out the social status of the home. No one would blame you for a little party right?


The shoe rack and some cabinets are built along the entrance of the house for storage purposes. 


A complete view of the living room and balcony. The feeling of living in a luxury home is created with this 5 room HDB in Bishan. It is because with a resting space created, in the balcony you can enjoy a great view of Singapore. A classical dining space with the use of stylish lighting to light up the mood for your meals.


When building the interior, the grey color choice is to enhance the luxury feel of the house. There is no difference for the master bedroom where the room was built for a warmth comfort feel to rest in. An inclusion of the wall mounted television will provide some entertainment in the master bed room.


A party place inside the bar counter for you to invite your friends and family over. It brings hypes to the atmosphere during a party that is held in your home.

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