Landed Property

Rezt & Relax Interior – Landed Property at Jalan Angin Laut

Landed Property at Jalan Angin Laut

Price: $200,000 Please contact John Foo at (+65 9147 5717)

Rezt & Relax Interior Singapore

Rezt & Relax Interior is a professional interior company in Singapore with many creative and wonderful interior ideas. With their accumulated experience in year 2000, they are your top choices when it comes to home interior design.

Landed Property Jalan Angin Laut

Planning an interior design for a landed property is not easy. There tonnes of details required to build a house with such beautiful interior. The tiles choose were an excellent combination with the color theme of the house.


A generosity of luxury materials extends into the living space and formal dining area. Where a humble muse lies behind this grand space.


And there is always a pool to cool off in. The stunning pool side area is shaded with a small pavilion beside the pool. It contributed to the open outdoor feel and became one of the best parts of the home.


The entrance space to the home is covered with a shelter space where there is a resting place for the guest.


Beautifully designed stairs added grace and elegance. It became one of the highlight in the house and this is a current trend for many landed property in Singapore.


A built dressing table is placed in front of the bed in the master bedroom, it creates so much of an uniqueness to the room. 


Not forgetting that the young one needs a space which is solely for them. 


A quiet work space inside the home is important when deep thought are required. 


The 2 different bathrooms in the house, it is important to have a great bathroom design. It really changes the moods of one and bathroom is a high usage place in the house.


A wonderful masterpiece from Rezt & Relax Interior and Mr. John Foo is the person behind such lavish work. You may contact him directly at +65 9147 5717 for a price quotation on your house.

This interior design features a landed property at Jalan Angin.

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