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Bedroom Feng Shui for better health

Topic – Bedroom Feng Shui for better health

Bedroom is a place in the house to serve activities such as relaxation, sleep and other privacy matters. Feng Shui incorporates right elements to the way you furniture is placed to enhance your overall health and luck cycle. These placement of the furniture ensure flowing of the chi energy through out the house and balancing the YIN and YANG energy.

Feng Shui enhancement tips

Reduce cluttering in your room
It is common to feel uncomfortable in a messy room, in Feng Shui terms a messy room will not only mess up the flow of the “Chi”. It creates a bad environment in the house for the owners. Dirt and dust affects the “Chi” which can result to illness in medical terms and it will also create unhappiness in your relationship due to the stress build up. It also affects your luck cycle which adds risk to wealth loss possibilities.

Many experts agrees that one of the biggest stress in our home comes from the mess created. If you consider yourself being lazy, give yourself an excuse to create better luck by cleaning up the room. Remember wealth luck is the hardest to attain but the easiest to lose.

Placement of your bed
This is the most space consuming furniture in the room and a place where you sleep or do your privacy stuff. Wrong placement of the bed will jepardize health “Chi”. The rules for the bed placement are specific and should always be followed. The configuration of the room and window location are the Feng Shui calculation guideline. Bed placement is one of the most important aspect to the bedroom.

Here are some pointers for your references.

  • The bed should be placed diagonally across from the door where privacy space is created by allowing you to see if anyone is going to enter the room.
  • You should never place a bed where you foot is pointing towards the door. The term of this position is known as “coffin position” and it will affect your health most. This is the worst position you should consider placing your bed at.
  • Do not place your bed underneath or facing the window as “Chi” is always entering and leaving the room through the windows. If your bed blocks the “Chi” pathway, it will flow over causing you to have uncomfortable rests.
  • Never place a bed without a bed frame or directly on the floor. The “Chi” in the room should be circulated, sleeping directly on the floor will block it’s path.
  • Do not put the bed beside a bathroom wall. In scientific term, you will be disturbed from your sleep when someone uses the toilet in the night.

Bedroom Furniture
Apart from your beds, the same rule follows for your other furniture inside the room. The bedroom is the most “Yin” place in the home and we sleep inside it when it is dark and cozy. There should be a sense of enclosure allowing personal privacy and freedom to move within the area. The main rules of your bedroom are:

  • Prevent the placement of furniture that blocks the energy pathways and doorways.
  • Avoid sharp edged furniture to point directly to the bed, this is called a poison arrow placement which affects your luck.
  • Strictly maintain and clean your bedroom.
  • Do not put too much furniture inside your bedroom.
  • If you have a mirror reflecting the bed, cover it during your sleep. The mirror is believed to invite 3 party into the marriage or relationship and it also startles your soul during your sleep.

Electronics and working desk
Never mix work and sleep together, so do not place a desk in your bedroom if possible. This will prevent good optimizing of Feng Shui for your health. Always remember to keep work separated from the sleeping area as it will affect your privacy lifestyle and increase the risk of quarreling with your partner. Electronics are unavoidable today, we know that too but the electrical waves they send will disrupt you from sleeping properly. If able to, you should totally ban the use of electronics in the bedroom. Not only that, by placing a television inside the room you are inviting stranger into your privacy area every time the television is switched on. All these affects and distracts your partner and you from each other. Well that being said, it is definitely hard to avoid these luxury in the bedroom but you can discipline yourself by ensuring that you will switch off all of them before you sleep.

Walls inside the bedroom
How you decorate or design the walls inside the bedroom are important to it’s Feng Shui. The color should be selected or advised by a Feng Shui master but if you strongly want something of your own, try to get the color as natural as possible. The wall colors affect the energies in side the room and balance or destroys the Yin/ Yang relationship. Try to have some natural image wall arts which could be seen when entering the bedroom, it improves your “Chi” when entering the room.

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