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Curtains or Solar Film

Curtains or Solar Film

Choosing between curtains or solar film for the house depends on the living habits of your family. The reason is because both offers a different advantage for your lifestyle.

The Curtains.

Curtains offer an additional class to your house, as good curtains often look elegant to the interior. Thus, it makes the house look warmer when living inside it. Besides that if you are a light sleeper, good curtains will block out beaming sunlight completely and block some noise from outside.

A well covered room for light sleepers is crucial as it will affect the lives of your family in the long term. At the same time, curtains also offers more warmth to a room by blocking of cold air by trapping it during rainy or winter season. Additionally, curtains are in many colors and you are able to change accordingly to the mood required.

However, curtains are troublesome to maintain. Firstly, it needs to be cleaned regularly because it traps dust and dirt on it. After all, it is still just a piece of high quality fabric and fabric is a magnet for dirt. Also, the process of hanging and taking down of the curtains require a great amount of physical strength. Therefore, it seems a bad choice for a house with more elderly members.

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The Solar Film.

Solar Film on the other hand is simple and easy to maintain. Not much effort is required to clean after applying the film on the windows. It is suitable for all kinds of houses and will not crash with the interior layout of the house.

There are also high quality solar film which will adopt according to allow minimum sun rays to enter. Thus, you do not have to endure waking up with a scorching sun ray during summer season.

However, with every simplicity it offers there are still negative side to it. The house would look overly simple with just solar film and it has to be reapplied after 3 years. Due to the adhesive being worn down by the hot and cold temperature over time. Also the application of the film is a tedious job and superior skills are required to ensure perfect application.

Thus, it is advised to ask professionals to do the job for you.


Both the curtains or solar film is a great household application. However if given the choice to choose between both of them depends on your living behavior. If you are someone who is lazier and heavy sleeper, the solar film is suitable for your. Whereas if you are more particular on fixing the mood of your house, the curtain serve a better purpose. End of the day, both of them could be co-existing in the house. Therefore, if you are bigger on budget consider to get both applied in your house.

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