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Best Places to buy Property in Singapore

Where are the best locations to buy a property in Singapore?

Singapore is a good place for people to plan where their future homes to be in. Hence, many home owners will always debate where is the best place to buy a property in Singapore. As buying a property is big choice whereby one will need to invest time and money in. Thus, it is important to make this choice based on self ability. Here are some of the best places you can buy in Singapore if budget allows.

Central District 1 to 9 where all the busiest people in Singapore gather.

Places such as Raffles Place, Marina bay, Cityhall, Sentosa where all the busy people gather for work purposes. However, this area packs lots of entertainment for both families and individuals. Furthermore, amenities in this area are of the top brands and you can easily find luxurious goods to purchase. One can easily travel around this area for business dealings and work as Singapore CBD is located here.

District 10 where it is most famous for landed properties.

Here is an area where famous international schools and landed properties are situated. However, this area may require a house owner to own a vehicle as traveling from some areas are not so convenient. That being said, the area is filled with spacious plots of land hence people who are finding a big property should consider.

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East Coast of the island – District 15 to 16.

East Coast is a place where most Singapore outdoor activities are. In this place, you can find sports activities such as gold, cycling, surfing, rollerblading and many more. Hence, this is a good place for families to purchase their house in. Additionally, the biggest attraction in this area is the East Coast Park. Thus, one can enjoy doing activities and the seaside view of the area. Furthermore, there are lots of places for engagement and shopping thus making it one of the best areas to live in.

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