5 Room HDB

Rezt & Relax Interior – 5 Room HDB at Punggol Waterway Woodcress

5 Room HDB at Punggol Waterway Woodcress

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Rezt & Relax Interior Singapore

Rezt & Relax Interior is a top choice interior design company in Singapore. They make home owner idealism into reality. Here are the photos for a 5 room HDB at Punggol Waterway Woodcress that they have created.

Punggol Interior Design

How to host your guest? Ask Rezt & Relax Interior to provide you an ideal for your home plans today. Above is a modern living room with your home dining space where you can serve your guest to the highest level of comfort.

Kitchen interior in Punggol Waterway Woodcress

Open concept dining area to start your daily breakfast. The ceiling lighting in the kitchen creates a better cooking environment. The main color theme of the house is white and it creates a stylish finishing.

Kitchen view in Punggol Waterway Woodcress

Another view of the kitchen, doesn’t it feel like a professional work station for chefs? Did you like the white color choice for the built in cabinets?

Classy glass door wardrobe in Punngol

This is where things get a little out of hand. A classy glass door built in wardrobe to display your outfit of the day.(#OOTD) This wardrobe is so outstanding for a HDB home that every of your guest will be astonished by it.

Bedroom design in Punggol Waterway Woodcress

Simple master bedroom of the owner’s choice, with a television as their bedroom entertainment.

Punggol Master bedroom toilet design

To utilize fully of the space in the bathroom, a minimalist design for the user to feel comfortable on the space created.

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